Preschool 1A

2 years - 2.5 years

Adult/Child Ratio Nursery 3 1:5

A child will graduate to this room as soon as they become steady on their feet. In this room the children will be introduced to more structure and they will also have a daily schedule of activities including Arts and Crafts and messy play. Routine will play a greater part of their life. All of the children will have their meals together and will rest/sleep at the same time. Activities will be organised on a daily basis with a weekly theme. Music and movement, stories and songs all help promote language development and intellectual progress. Our outside play area is easily accessible and the children can develop their gross motor skills by using ride-ons, trikes and enjoying the sand pit.


Pre-School 1B

2 years - 2½ years

Adult/Child Ratio1:6

In this unit we aim to promote the development of play. To a child play is almost the same as life. Play is the beginning of all learning, most importantly learning about ourselves, our relationships with other and our confidence in handling the world around us. Through play the children in this unit develop control of large muscle movements and fine muscle movement. The children are encouraged to become more observant of the five senses and also help to develop their imagination through story telling and imaginative play. In this unit children will first experience a more structured school environment. Children will adapt and become used to sitting on a chair at a table and to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Children will be introduced to more advanced equipment, arts and crafts and a daily schedule of activities. Each child’s vocabulary will increase and they will soon be able to form simple sentences. They will make lots of little friends and enjoy taking part in group learning. During this time we will also work with parents to toilet train children when the time is right.

Pre-School 2-A

2½ years to 3 years

Adult/Child Ratio 1:6

The pre-school environment is a warm, friendly, happy and secure area. The programme here is based upon recognised stages of child development, while at the same time considering the individual needs of every child. Therefore there is constant evaluation of each child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical progress which is recorded in each child’s profile. Young children learn in a holistic way through play and other key experiences. By planning around a theme we ensure that children have the learning through purposeful play activities that make sense to them.


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