Road & Fire Safety week at Little Hands

by Little Hands Childcare : Wednesday 24 October 2018

Road Safety/Fire Safety

October is always a very important month for us here at Little Hands as we discover the importance of Road and Fire safety.

Road safety week this year was on the 1st to the 7th of October and,

Fire safety week this year was on the 7th to the 13th of October.

Road Safety:

It's Road Safety week at Little Hands and in Montessori A we had great fun learning all about road safety. We began in circle time by discussing the colours of the traffic lights and what they mean, we also chatted about how important it is to wear your seat belt and the steps involved in crossing the road.

Our learning this week was done through a variety of fun activities. We learned the safe cross code

1,2,3, Safe Cross,
4,5,6, Safe Cross,
1,2,3,4,5,6, Safe Cross Code
Remember, one, look for a safe place
two, don’t hurry, stop and wait,
three, look all around and listen before you cross the road,
remember, four, let all the traffic pass you
five, then walking straight across you
six, keep watching,
that's the Safe Cross Code!!!!!


and also sang along to our traffic light song. We put on our reflective safety jackets and learnt how to cross the road safely. The favourite activity of the week was where the children dressed up as a lollipop worker and helped their friends to cross the road.



We played a traffic light game here which got everyone moving about while also promoting their physical and cognitive development. On fun Friday we made a healthy, tasty snack similar to traffic lights. Here we used cracker bread as the base, strawberries for our red light, banana for yellow and green grapes for our green light. Everyone enjoyed this delicious snack.





  • Play the RSA's online Safe Cross Code games with your child.


Read the RSA's Going to school - a parent's guide to road safety and their pedestrian safety tips.

If any of you are feeling nostalgic about The Safe Cross Code from your youth check out Judge in this you tube link!

Fire Safety:


This week in Montessori A we discussed fire safety. The children discussed what fire safety, meant to them and this encouraged the children to communicate in circle time. We then moved on to learn all about the busy work at the fire department and what the role of the Firemen was. We also discussed the emergency number of who to call if there’s a fire. There was great excitement when it came to practicing our STOP, DROP and ROLL. The children enjoyed this so much they couldn’t wait to get home to show the parents. We practiced crawling and covering our mouths around the classroom which also helped the children’s physical development.



Our fire safety week included many fun activities for example colouring, songs, being presented with a fire officer badge, but the most popular of all the activities was where the children dressed up as firemen and acted out the role. Another popular activity using their senses was where the children were allowed to play with coloured shaving foam red/orange to make fire which the children were able to put out using sprays with water.



Some of the children loved the mess of mixing the colours to make the fire while others enjoyed spraying the fire with water to put it out.




This was great for aiding the children’s fine motor skills and promoting manipulative play. As you can see from the pictures we had a very happy class of children today.





Here’s a helpful link to help parents teach their children about fire safety in the home.

Remember safety first from Montessori A.






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